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Season's festivals at a glance

Gregorian (Western) dates for 2005.

Events of the solar calendar

  • Magh Samkranti (Nw. Ghyahcaku Sanhu) (14th January). Mother anoints household with oil. Feasting.


Events of the lunar calendar

  • Sri Pancami (13th February). Puja to Sarasvati (Sasu Puja). Beginning of hot season and beginning of ancient vasanta season.

  • Maha Shivaratri (8th March). Major festival at Pashupati. Men light bonfires in roads and sit around them all night.

  • Holi (18th-25th March). Throwing of red colour and water.

  • Pisaca Caturdasi (Nw. Paha [Pasa] Cahre) (7th April). Shiva worshipped as Luku ('hiding') Mahadyah. Newars invite friends to their home for a feast.

  • Ghode Jatra (Nw. Sala Yah/Sala Bwaki) (8th April). Military festival and horse races at Tundikhel. Smaller festival at Kwache Bal Kumari, Lalitpur.

  • Caitra Dasain. (~16th April). Power-Place Worship (Pitha Puja).

  • Ram Navami. (~17th April). Worship of Ram. Beginning of two-day Ram festival (Minor Dasain of Ram).

  • Lhuti Purnima (Nw. Punhi). (24th April). Pilgrimage to Jamaco (Nagarjun).

  • Karunamaya Snana (Nw. Nhawan). (25th April). Bathing (snana) of Karunamaya (Bungadyah/Matsyendranath) and Cakwahdyah. Jatra.

  • Mako Mukh Herne (Nw. Maya Khwa Swayegu). (8th May). Married out daughters visit natal home to give sweets to mother.

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