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Crossing Bridges with the Gospel: A bridge too far?

The last issue of Voice of Bhakti generated some hot discussion. In this issue we have published some of the letters we have received in response. One letter grew into a dialogue which we publish in full. When Donald McGavran wrote his seminal work The Bridges of God he advocated the maintenance of the natural channels through which the gospel can flow in a society. But how many of these bridges are valid for the faithful believer in Christ? Has the disciple taking tika gone "a bridge too far"? Some think they have. Others beg to differ. In this issue of VOB H.L. Richard outlines a spectrum of various positions advocated by disciples of Christ living and working in the Hindu community the H-scale. Where do you fit? The festival of Tihar fast approaches and the issue of tika comes up again. We explore some creative approaches to this festival in "Lights in the darkness: the family festival of Tihar" and round off the issue with a review of a truly great book on mission.

Letters to the editor: Voice of Bhakti welcomes interaction with its readers.

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