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Hinduism in Nepal

In our attempt to bring the gospel of the Lord Jesus to our Hindu neighbours we have a huge task in simply understanding the way our neighbours think. What do they believe about God, man, sin, and salvation? What is their view of sacrifice? How do they understand the sacrifices that they make each year at Dashain? What is the chariot festival all about? What is the point of dragging such a contraption around the city? We have hundreds of questions and do well to ask our Hindu friends directly. But what makes a person a Hindu in the first place? What is the relation of Hinduism to Buddhism? Is it possible to be both? In what sense is Hinduism a religion? Is it legitimate to refer to a South Asian disciple of Christ as a Hindu Christian, as William Carey did? In this issue of Voice of Bhakti we address these important questions. H.L. Richard's lead article challenges the traditional paradigm of Hinduism and frees the mind to ask a great many follow-up questions. Book reviews follow that pick up on some of the themes that Richard addresses. It is hoped that a great deal of discussion will be generated by this issue. We need to think through these ideas and haggle over their implications for the church in Nepal. We know people are discussing the contents of this journal but little feedback comes in written form. Even if you have never written such a letter before we invite you to do so and look forward to reading your thoughts!

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