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Welcome to bhaktivani - a web site that focuses on the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and how we can be his devotees. This site will appeal to those who would like to share their devotion to the Lord Jesus with others. The site has been developed by some fellow devotees who have lived and worked in Nepal and elsewhere in the Hindu world. Feel free to explore the site. If you are not already a bhakta of the Lord Jesus you will find the most benefit by following this link: How can I be a bhakta of Jesus?.

Voice of Bhakti
The journal Voice of Bhakti was published each quarter from February 2002 to May 2005. In it you will find articles, poems, and book reviews all focussed on clarifying what it means to be a bhakta (devotee) of Christ among the peoples of Nepal. There is dialogue too as readers were encouraged to write to the editor with their thoughts about the articles.

Bible Studies
Over the years of working with men and women in Nepal we have developed a number of materials that help us study the Bible.

The King Has Come!
The aim of the book is to present the person of the Lord Jesus in a way that will be attractive to Hindus, especially the Newar people of the Kathmandu Valley.

New Publication

Rajako Aagman Bhayo by Purna Lal Shilakar.
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If you want to know more of what it means to be a bhakta of Christ in the Hindu community or have any comments on this web site please feel free to write to the editor Mark Johnson at the following address:

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